Monday, December 29, 2008

Sony Ericsson C905..was it the best..

Key features:
8.1 MP autofocus camera with Xenon flash and active lens cover
Dedicated camera mode switch, two camera/gaming keys over the display
Face and Smile detection, smart contrast, image stabilizer, geotagging, red-eye reduction
Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and HSDPA (3.6 Mb) / tri-band HSDPA for US version
Scratch resistant mineral glass 2.4" TFT 256K-color display
Built-in GPS with A-GPS function, Wayfinder Navigator software
Wi-Fi b/g with DLNA and SIP VoIP support, Bluetooth (with A2DP), USB v2.0
Enhanced user interface with basic multi-tasking
Media Center, Smart search, Manage Messages, extended TrackID
FM radio with RDS and TrackID
160 MB built-in memory, M2 card support, 2GB included
Main disadvantages:
Display is relatively small for a high-end device
Video recording limited to QVGA resolution at 30fps
No front facing video call camera
No office document viewer
Sliding lens cover of questionable durability
Exposed connectivity port
Fiddly battery cover

Paris Hilton..iba pagmayaman!!

Paris Hilton showed off her new and improved ride last Monday -- a hot pink Bentley Continental GT. Hopefully the same thieves that took $2 million worth of jewels from the heiress' home won't get their hands on this $200,000 coupe.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Paskong Naiiba sa Offshore

Ilang taon ka na dito nagpasko..3 years na..ah ok..ang lupit mo ah..pero masaya ako kasi may lider kami d2..madiskarte..gumagawa ng Chivas Regal,siya ang maysabi nyan..salamat nga pala Teng Pogz,kung di dahil sa yo,di ko maramdaman ang Pasko sa Saudi kahit paano..Ito siya,ang maker and Teng Pogz..Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance to All!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hotel Cipriani,Venice..

Venice virgins can be forgiven for thinking that the city's best hotel should be close to San Marco or on the Grand Canal. Not so. Insiders know that you want to look over to the main island while avoiding the hordes of tourists, who can be more plentiful than the pigeons. There's nothing quite like waking up in the Hotel Cipriani, which is celebrating its 50th birthday this year. That location, for starters. It's on Giudecca Island facing San Marco, amid a sea of quiet streets, sprawling gardens, and that giant saltwater pool (hotel lore says it was planned in feet but the designer built it in meters, thus tripling its size). The full glory of Venice is suddenly yours — you can actually imagine being here when the city was a world power of its own.
Be aware that rooms vary in size and have a certain faded look, so ask for dimensions and try to snag a lagoon view. (Management tends to favor repeat guests, but persevere.) Avoid the new annex altogether, which has small rooms and a less glamorous feel. Even better — though it costs a mint — choose a room in the Vendramin, a restored waterfront palazzo that comes with a fleet of private butlers. It's no wonder Clooney often makes the Cipriani his bachelor pad when in town for the film festival.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bomb Blast at Iligan City today..12/18/08

ILIGAN CITY, Philippines -- (UPDATE 6) Explosions rocked two shopping centers here Thursday afternoon and two women were seen on the malls’ videos as having planted the bombs that killed a number of people and injured several others, authorities said.
Military and police said the two people were killed and 47 injured in the blasts at the Unicity shopping center at 1:35 p.m. and at the nearby Jerry’s Shoppers Plaza 10 minutes after. Both stores are on Aguinaldo Street.
The bombs, improvised explosive devices, exploded at the baggage counters at the entrance of the establishments, police said.
Superintendent Dimacuta Sanggacala, spokesman of the Lanao del Norte police, corrected the earlier report he relayed to that six people had been killed, saying that some of those whom they thought were dead were seriously hurt.
Sanggacala also the wounded were being treated at the Sanitarium City Hospital and Dr. Uy City Hospital.
Lieutenant Esteffani Cacho, Western Mindanao spokesperson, said two people were wounded and an L-300 van was damaged in the explosion at Unicity while two were killed and two others hurt in the second blast at Jerry’s Shoppers Plaza.
She added that the Explosive Ordnance Disposal team and the K9 unit of the 403rd Brigade had been deployed to the blast sites.
An Associated Press report quoted Lieutenant Colonel Agane Adriatico, a military spokesman, as saying Muslim rebels were to blame for the attacks.
In an interview 403rd Infantry Brigade chief Colonel Nicanor Dolojan said initial findings indicated the improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were crafted out of mortar rounds, which he described as the “signature” of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).Dolojan said the motive of the attack was to “sow terror” in the city and possibly divert the military’s focus from offensive operations against MILF units the military has been targeting for attacking civilian communities in central Mindanao in August.“We are still trying to evaluate [and] we are still trying to assess [the] situation…what is really their intention. But our [offensive] operation [will] still continue,” Dolojan said.
Sanggacala said footage obtained from the closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) of both establishments showed the bombs were planted at the baggage counters by women whose faces were covered with veils.
Sanggacala said although they have not identified the perpetrators, these were “acts of terrorist groups.”
He said scene of the crime operatives (SOCO) were searching the area for more victims.
Sporadic clashes between government troops and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, an 11,000-strong rebel group fighting for self-rule in the predominantly Roman Catholic nation's south, erupted in August after the country's top court scrapped a preliminary peace deal.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

World 1st Computer Rebuilt,Rebooted after 2,000 Years

A British museum curator has built a working replica of a 2,000-year-old Greek machine that has been called the world's first computer.
A dictionary-size assemblage of 37 interlocking dials crafted with the precision and complexity of a 19th-century Swiss clock, the Antikythera mechanism was used for modeling and predicting the movements of the heavenly bodies as well as the dates and locations of upcoming Olympic games.
The original 81 shards of the Antikythera were recovered from under the sea (near the Greek island of Antikythera) in 1902, rusted and clumped together in a nearly indecipherable mass. Scientists dated it to 150 B.C. Such craftsmanship wouldn't be seen for another 1,000 years — but its purpose was a mystery for decades.
Many scientists have worked since the 1950s to piece together the story, with the help of some very sophisticated imaging technology in recent years, including X-ray and gamma-ray imaging and 3-D computer modeling.
Now, though, it has been rebuilt. As is almost always the way with these things, it was an amateur who cracked it. Michael Wright, a former curator at the Science Museum in London, has built a replica of the Antikythera, which works perfectly.
In the video from New Scientist below, Wright shows how the machine works.
In short, Antikythera's user interface is deceptively simple, operated by a simple knob on the side. This conceals the intricacy within, amounting to a complex mathematical model, tracking the movements of planetary bodies and incorporating a series of submechanisms to account for the eccentricities of their rotation.
A dial on the faceplace featured the Greek zodiac and an Egyptian calendar; pointers showed the location of the moon and the five planets known at the time. On the machine's back, an upper dial shows a 19-year calendar (matching the solunar cycle) and the timing of upcoming Olympic games. A lower dial shows a 76-year cycle (when the Olympic and solunar cycles coincide) and indicates the months in which lunar and solar eclipses can be expected.
According to New Scientist, this is the first working model of the Antikythera computer to include all of the device's known features. And, like the original machine, it has been built of recycled metal plates. That's right: The Antikythera mechanism is not only the world's oldest computer, it's also the world's first green computer.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Keyboards no more by 2012..

Step aside, keyboards, laptops, and 9-to-5 jobs. A survey of more than 1,000 Internet activists, journalists, and technologists released Sunday speculates that by 2012, those quaint relics of 20th century life will fade away.
It's not a formal survey of the sort that, say, political pollsters use. Nor are computer journalists especially known for their prognosticative abilities. Still, the Pew Internet and American Life Project hopes the effort will provide a glimpse of the best current thinking about how online life will evolve in the next decade or so.
Lee Rainie and the other Pew researchers asked their survey respondents to respond to a series of questions about 2020 future scenarios, including whether the mobile phone will be the "primary" Internet connection (most agreed), whether copy protection will flourish (most disagreed), and whether transparency "heightens individual integrity and forgiveness (evenly split).
The rough consensus was that "few lines divide professional time from personal time," and that professionals are happy with the way work and play are "seamlessly integrated in most of these workers' lives."
Another, which also met with broad agreement: "Talk and touch are common technology interfaces. People have adjusted to hearing individuals dictating information in public to their computing devices. In addition 'haptic' technologies based on touch feedback have been fully developed, so, for instance, a small handheld Internet appliance allows you to display and use a full-size virtual keyboard on any flat surface for those moments when you would prefer not to talk aloud to your networked computer."
One respondent was Google chief economist Hal Varian, who said: "The big problem with the cell phone is the (user interface), particularly on the data side. We are waiting for a breakthrough."
It's easier to read the report itself, which you can find here (PDF). This is Pew's third report in the series; further reading can be found in its 2005 first survey (PDF) and 2006 second survey (PDF).

Monday, December 15, 2008

New Gadget..N97

Last 3 days ago,I was thinking to exchange my mobile from N73 Music Edition to 3110 Classic..after thinking awhile I realized that I have to change it.The reason is that,I will have an additional money and mobile,compared to my N73,which is 2nd hand,and it has fall downs many times from my pocket,sometimes the mobile will hang and in fact some of my text messages was not delivered on time to the recepient.At first I was hesitant to do it,but then I realized that since I was planning to buy a new mobile,hopefully next year,I am exchanging it now.One of the mobile I saw in internet was really nice and expensive,may be I will buy and maybe I will not buy this one.So far the mobile I receive now was good but not expensive,but performance level was satisfactory.Hope I can have this mobile,if my pocket permits!!ha ha ha..may kamahalan pero sophisticated ang dating!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

You may rest in Peace Mac2!!

We are not certain of our life here in this world.One maybe young or too young that he did not enjoy life,but maybe taken by our Lord,untimely.Sad news for everyone that your loveones,close friend,parents or anyone close to your heart will go,without telling you,because the call for him to the Lord is untimely.Last week I called my cousin,and on that talk she told me about what happen to one of my friend's son.The boy was diagnosed of Leukemia(Blood disorder) last 2 months ago in one of the public hospital in Southern Leyte.Very sad because the boy was just 15 years old,loving and caring son to his parents.Eventually they went to Manila(PGH) for the Chemotheraphy session,but unfortunately his condition worsens and this young boy died on December 5,2008 at 12:35am.This young boy was not only loving and caring to his parents,but also to his brothers and family.To You Mac2,you may rest in peace!!We love you so much!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Derrick Rose cuts apple,arms..

According to the Chicago Tribune's Full-Court Press blog, Bulls rookie Derrick Rose missed Monday's practice after he needed 10 stitches to close a gash suffered at home while — you're not going to believe this one — slicing an apple in bed. Amazing.
"It was a silly incident," Rose said. "I was cutting up some food and I laid on a knife getting lazy in bed. I went to go get a bottle of water, came back, forgot the knife was there, then sat down and sliced my arm."
Rose is expected to play Tuesday night against the Knicks at the United Center, which is good news, but it begs the question: why is Rose cutting Red Delicious apples with a machete? That seems excessive.

After more than 10 years..

Hindi ko akalain na makikita ko pa ang dati kung kaibigan,after more than 10 years,na wala man lang akong balita tungkol sa kanya..what a small world!Dito ko pa siya makikita sa KSA,kung di dahil sa friendster,nagkaroon kami ng contact at simula noon..we seldom talk each other sa phone..Until now single pa rin siya,pero nagkaroon na daw siya ng asawa..(di sila kasal)pero nagkahiwalay din sila,masakit man ang pangyayari pero kailangan niya ng lumayo sa Pinas para makalimutan ang masakit na kasaysayan niya sa pag-ibig.Heto siya ngayon nakipagsapalaran sa Gitnang Silangan sa Saudi Arabia..sabi niya sa akin..baka sa darating na panahon ang swerte naman ang darating sa kanyang buhay,na sana maging maligaya naman siya sa kanyang buhay pag-ibig.Sa yo bestfriend,ako ay nanalangin na ang lahat na pangarap mo sa buhay ay matupad,ang ikaw sana ay liligaya lalo na sa buhay pag-ibig..At higit sa lahat,huwag kalimutan ang ating magulang,na siyang gabay natin sa ating mga munting pangarap sa buhay..mabuhay ka Bestfriend!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pacquiao wins by TKO

Lets get ready to the the saying goes for boxing afficionados!!The time has come where every Filipino,if I am not mistaken have stopped their work and watch the Dream Match of Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao. vs.Oscar "the Golden Boy"dela Hoya.The fight started with Manny Pacquiao outscoring the Golden Boy from 1st round until the fight stop at end of 8th round.Beginning at the 4th round Golden Boy face was swelling with his left eye that almost closed,receiving 1,2,3 or even 4 combination from Manny Pacquiao.The fight is a one sided,with Manny Pacquiao showing tremendous and terrific combination to dethrone the Golden Boy in his most lopsided loss boxing career.Congratulations to our Pambansang Kamao,Manny "Pacman"Pacquiao.You are not only a talented boxer,but also a legend in the history of boxing,The Filipinos all over the world are very proud of you..Mabuhay ka!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jackson spokeswoman: singer, sheik settle lawsuit11/23/2008 6:44 PM, APJill Lawless Michael Jackson has reached a settlement with a Bahraini sheik who says the singer owes him $7 million after breaching a signed contract, the pop star's spokeswoman said Sunday.
The out-of-court settlement means Jackson will not be giving evidence at London's High Court as scheduled on Monday, Celena Aponte said.
Scores of journalists and fans had been expected to cram the courtroom for the appearance by the always-unpredictable King of Pop. Aponte said Jackson was informed of the deal as he was about to board a flight to London.
"As Mr. Jackson was about to board his plane to London, he was advised by his legal team to postpone his travels since the parties had concluded a settlement in principle," Aponte said. "Therefore, he will not be attending court on Monday."
A representative for the sheik could not immediately be reached late Sunday.
Sheik Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa said he gave the singer millions and planned a series of collaborations following Jackson's acquittal on child molestation charges in June 2005. Al Khalifa, 33, invited Jackson to the small, oil-rich Gulf state to escape the media spotlight.
The sheik, the second son of the king of Bahrain, said he believed he had formed "a close personal relationship" with the star, whom he referred to affectionately as "my brother."
Al Khalifa said he gave Jackson millions of dollars to help shore up his finances and subsidize Jackson's lifestyle in Bahrain — including more than $300,000 for a "motivational guru." Al Khalifa, an amateur songwriter, says the pair even moved into the same palace to work on music together.
But Jackson dropped the project in 2006, leaving Bahrain and pulling out of the contract.
Jackson's lawyers have maintained the money was a gift and argued that the musician wasn't bound by the deal because the contract was signed on behalf of 2 Seas Records, a venture which never got off the ground.
The singer originally wanted to avoid coming to London to answer the lawsuit in person, seeking instead to give evidence by video link from the United States. His lawyer, Robert Englehart, had claimed that Jackson should be spared the trans-Atlantic trip due to an unspecified illness, but on Thursday the lawyer said the 50-year-old star had been cleared for travel.
The suit is being heard in London by mutual agreement.
Jackson's purported medical problems — and his sometimes bizarre demeanor — have been a regular feature of previous court appearances. His 2005 trial was punctuated by complaints of back problems, an apparent bout with the flu and visits to the hospital. At one point, the judge had to order the pajama-clad star into court from the emergency room.
His most notorious appearance came in 2002, when a wide-eyed Jackson testified in a California courtroom with what appeared to be a bandage hanging from his nose.

LA Lakers my Fav's NBA Team..

Eversince I was a kid,I dreamed of playing in the hardcourt,but sad to say that I was not good enough to shoot the ball very well or could not handle the ball very was a dreamed that could not push I could not even run as fast as I can.. since I already balloned my!!perhaps the Lord has another plan for me and perhaps I was not destined to become a superstar in basketball..ganon!!!!anyway from high school time until this time,I was one of those LA Lakers Fan,eitheir they lose or win in a game or in a championship..I am truly a LA Lakers Fan!!Last year LA Lakers did not get the Championship Trophy against the Boston Celtics,but I hope this year they can make it and add another milestone history of the team.LA Lakers go go for the Championship Tropy!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hatton wins by TKO in 11th round..

Very quiet day!!I am just sitting around in my clinic when I remember that today,welterweight boxing champion Ricky Hatton is going to slug it out with Paul Malignaggi.I monitor the outcome of the result thru the internet,since I don't pay money for the pay per view(PPV).On the 1st round Malignaggi impress the spectators at Vegas.. but on the 2nd round round Ricky Hatton,deliver barrages of punches that almost kneeled down Paul Malignaggi.As the fight continues,Hatton dominated all those rounds until on the 11th round about 30 seconds left,Hatton deliver a TKO decision,when coach of Paul Malignaggi request to stop the fight as his ward was punished by barrages of punches from Ricky Hatton.This time Ricky Hatton wins in Las Vegas.The last time he fight in Las Vegas,he was knockdown by Floyd Mayweather.Ricky Hatton is eager to meet Oscar dela Hoya soon..we will wait if Oscar dela Hoya accept the challenge..

Friday, November 21, 2008

days off malling

Hahay Buhay!!tatlong buwan ka sa dagat..apat na araw sa syudad..nakakaloka ang buhay sa offshore..grabe ang lungkot..kung hindi kasama mo ang kausap mo(ibang clinic) ang gamit pangpatay lungkot o inip sa buhay sa offshore..Buti na lang naka-days off ako..pero minsan ang days-off pasakit din..alam nyo kung bakit,imbes na mag-days off ka ..papuntahin ka ng opisina para lang mag-BLS at Log Rolling..ano ba naman ang nangyari sa opisina..wala na yata silang magawa..imbes days off,training ang inabutan ng days off..nakakabuwisit na ang mga ito!!grrrrr!!anyway di ko na inisip yun,ang importante..I have time to roam around the city and buy some stuff I need to buy..Ang sarap ng buhay sa city pag-may pera ka,pero kung wala kang pera..mahirap din kasi lahat duon ay binibili..eowwwwwwwww!!sana sa sunod na days off ko..makatongga man lang kahit isang bote ng sadiki..para naman masaya,maligaya at parang panalo ng Lotto..ha ha ha..iniisip ko pa rin sa city ang Pinoy foods...ang sarap,sobrang nakakamisss talaga,lalo na kung masarap ang pagkaluto ng sinigang na isda,pritong isda,pusit,shrimp at bukod duon ang food!! napalaway ako..ang sarap lahat nito..March 2009..sunod na days off ko..abangan ang yo guys!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tom..Oyo Boy ng Saudi..

Gabi na..di pa matulog..parang di puyat sa work..siguro kasi naglalaro pa ng games sa celpon nya!!sino kaya siya..??ang ingay ng laro nya..di kami makapagconcentrate ng panonood ng TV..hoy!!hinaan mo naman ang volume ng laro..ang ingay kasi eh!!di talaga nakikinig..minsan kasi pag-nabuburo kana sa offshore parang ang tigas na ng ulo mo..di yung iba..u know what i mean!!he he he..lahat yata ay uwing-uwi na..minsan nga ang iba d2..binibilang na ang araw..pero di pala makauwi kasi walang kapalit..ang hirap ng buhay d2..nakakalungkot at kung minsan pa..nakakaloka na!!pero itong isa walang pakialam kahit ano pa..basta ang sa kanya makapaglaro siya ng Delta Force..basta wala siyang lang!!ang babaw naman ng kaligayan niya no..pero kahit papaano daw,ok na rin kay sa walang mapaglibangan..siya si Tom..ang Oyo Boy ng Saudi..ano papalag kayo!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Tongga Pre..minsan lang to!!

About 6pm last night I was called by my friend,asking me to try his new experiment.."Sadiki"..At first I was hesitant because it is still Ramadan,but also I am afraid that somebody will report that we are having a drinking session..Anyway to make the story short, I try a small mineral bottle for shock!!ang sarap pala tumagay kahit bawal kasi Ramadan at nasa Saudi tayo..Minutes,Hours and after this..I got drunk already and need to sleep,but sad to think I could not sleep while I am on my bed..An hour later,firealarm rangs loudly..I got up and check what happen was just a smoke as dining reported..later I comeback in my room about 12 midnight and got my sleep well..Kahit na inuubo,nakatulog pa rin dahil sa Vicks Vaporub..iba talaga ang gamot na may "Haplos ng Pagmamahal"..

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Where are you???

The Phone rang at 7pm..nobody answer..Gaitronics was used by Control to find the man they are looking for..Medic..Medic..line 1..nobody reply!!where this guy going??hmmmmmmm...Supervisor called one housekeeper to check the Medic at Filipino Room..the guy knocks the door and says..Is the Medic there?? the Medic replied in a soft voice..yeah..anything I can Help..the guy said..Control was looking for you..Oh..really!!what's the problem..theres a guy in the Boat who loss his consciousness..did I heard right??Immediately I go down with my equipment and report to the Control.I meet the Chief american guy and he tells me everything about his AB.When I went to the boat,I saw the patient in a wooden chair sitting..he was conscious,coherent and responsive.I went to check his vital signs.Everything was Normal.I called up the doctor of what advise he can give..he says..just give the guy some rest..that is only stress!!I talked his Chief Mate and discuss everything what the doctor has told to me.Suddenly one guy approached me..hey! Medic that guy did not sleep after his work last night..really!!So this is really Stress..after a discussion with the Chief Mate I went back to my Clinic with my Nurses Bag..I thought one guy has some heart was another night of excitement..tinotoxic yata ako ng mga ito..nanahimik nga ako..he he he..few hours later about 9:30pm a guy knocks on my room and ask for a consultation..what the hell!!I told the guy!!you are not an emergency case,please comeback tomorrow morning..i told the guy!!he said..No!!I need medicines now..I replied..sorethroat and sneezing you think you will die..go to your room and sleep..tomorrow come to my clinic..understood?the guy back off and go without an answer..he was just a contractor..akala siguro nila sa kanila ang clinic..ang lalaki ng katawan tapos nagkasakit..what the fuck!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bad day..September 13..2008

I was just sitting in my clinic,when a regular call was made by the Dispatcher,informing me that one guy was having some back pain radiating to his left leg.I have known for the guy because he was my patient last 1 week ago,2 times he came and reported that he was having those pain.I go up and bring along my equipments.He was stable when I check.I ask him if I could give him an injection for pain.he said..No!!I am on fasting..instead I initiate a 110 call(Emergency Call) while monitoring the patient.He told to me that the pain is bearable when he is sitting down,but when he attempts to walk,the pain become more.Since he refused the pain reliever,I just let him sit down and re-assured that the doctor and 2 nurses will come to take him for further pain management and evaluation.The doctor arrived and convince that injection be given..patient agrees without hesitation after the doctor explain.Both of them understand each other as they speak fluent Arabic..After this ,the patient was brought to other Clinic for observation by chopper..after that he was refered to his designated facilities at Al- Mouwasat Dammam.Then a report has been made out of this..and it's was audited with full of criticism.Documentation was not clear for Audits..No one is perfect!!I admit I commit errors or mistake,but also I did what is best for my patient's life...Anyway..Criticism was done not only to correct mistakes but also to remind you what is best and appropriate management you do,in case of this kind of patient..Cheers to everybody!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Yesterday and Today's activities in offshore..

I was tired from yesterday play..Table Tennis..we got a new here in my offshore clinic and it's my first time to play here.We played almost 2 hours and after that I got some bodypain and backaches..But the thing I like was, I feel I have burned a lot of calories in my body and I feel so relaxed even I got body pain and backaches.I took a bath and get some time to relax,watch news in TV, chat with my friend in Jeddah(classmate in college)..and about 10 pm last night,I sleep so I can have 7-8 hours sleep before I go to my duty early morning.This morning I still have some body pain and backaches and I think this will be relieved if I continue what I have done,playing table tennis every night..I just have my breakfast,scrumbled egg with sausage and coffee with milk..I am now in my clinic, doing the daily routine activities..but until now I could not format my external hardware,11 hours after I click format and start..formating did not push thru..anyone knows how to do it..sayang kasi 160 gega ang external hardware ko..hahay..buhay saudi..nakakaloka...talaga!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

External Hardware..was it corrupted??

I was just listening the music since this morning, from my external hardware,with the use of my laptop,when suddenly I pullout my external hardware,without knowing what would happen to my files in my external hardware.This afternoon,I try to use my external hardware(160 gega),I wonder why I could not see my files in my external hardware.I try to see the properties in my external hardware,but it is already could this happen??I still have almost 100 gega free space this morning??then I go to my friend and tell him what happen..he know you have to reformat your external hardware,and you gonna lost all your files because your external hardware was corrupt and for sad..but some of my files was still in my PC..what about the think my friend here has a you have it,I ask him? probs friend!!I still have it and you can have a copy of it..I said..thanks..instead of being sad..I was still a happy man today because I can still put back my old files in my external hardware..Next time,I will not remove my external hardware,without an advise that device or USB is safe to remove.It was a great lesson on my part.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Daily Routine in offshore..

Wake up at 5:30am,then after that..I'll go to 6am in the morning,hopefully I am in the clinic,doing my checklist,checking my instrument if it is still working or not, check e-mails in my outlook,get a cup of milk with coffee,bread and fried egg for breakfast.Report back to clinic,entertain patients on no patient at all the whole day.Since this is Ramadan time,we go for Lunch by 11am,usually our Lunch was at 12 noon.Our Dinner is now at 5am, too early and sometimes at 11pm,I am a little bit hungry..eowwwww...but right now..I am just sitting down in my clinic,without much nothing to do,just finish my report and I pass it last 2 days ago.. thanks for now, am not busy!!Night time was our relaxation time,we play cards (Pusoy Dos)..usually I end up as losers because I am still learning the card game,but it's good..gradually I can improve my game the next time we play..maybe after a month..ha ha ha..then after that..we will watch news in my room,since most of my pinoy friends don't have internet access..this is the usual thing we do in offshore..after the's about time to the routine itself was so's like you are put in jail..Nakakaloka talaga ang buhay dito!!

Life has to go on..without the internet access..

Last month I was assigned to go back from my original clinic at onshore,I was so happy and in fact I enjoy my stay there for a couple of weeks, sad to think that on that stay also my internet access was taken from me,so sad that I could not imagine that i could not open my friendster anymore,my yahoo mail and everything.After a week on that situation, I was sent back to my original clinic at offshore,still awaiting for my internet access..paano na si Catherine,paano na si Isadora,di ko na sila mapapanood,ang paborito kung prime time bida na Iisa Pa lamang..after a week,my supervisor check on my clinic to see if I have done my job well in offshore,after doing the check..he said..youre done a great job here,you have updated everything..ok this week your internet access will be back..ohhhhhhh!!really..thanks sir!!I really wanted it I got my internet access..I can enjoy now watching news in internet,reading newspaper,sending e-mails and uploading pictures for my friendster..