Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Red Wine..Truly the Best!!

I could not imagined that a friend of mine,has a friend who is making redwine.They said it was filter and made into pure redwine for 4 months.First, I am hesitant to drink,since I was drunk for 6 straight days,but because my friend invited me to drink the redwine, I drink..At first,I say I will only taste the redwine,but I don't know why I began to like the redwine..This 5 Liters was consumed the whole night with the three of us,ending our session at 2 am,with still work at 6am..Anyway,I hope my friend will come and bring with the same wine.It was very good and I think I love redwine..No hang-over,no headache.Good for the body and especially for the heart.Love it guys!!

Eid Mubarak Party..

This month..November 2010 was the festive month for our Muslim brother.The Eid Mubarak Party which we celebrated together with our Muslim brother was a joyous and wonderful one.For the past 2 weekends,I don't have duty for the clinics which I supposed to go during weekends.On the 3rd week of this month,I went for a duty in Hawiyah Clinic which is located about 35 minutes from our flat in Al-Hasa.On last Wednesday,from the dining hall, the supervisor from the catering services,give us this Kabsa with a meat from a camel..It was very delicious and the four of us enjoy the food..Very Very full after eating..