Tuesday, December 9, 2008

You may rest in Peace Mac2!!

We are not certain of our life here in this world.One maybe young or too young that he did not enjoy life,but maybe taken by our Lord,untimely.Sad news for everyone that your loveones,close friend,parents or anyone close to your heart will go,without telling you,because the call for him to the Lord is untimely.Last week I called my cousin,and on that talk she told me about what happen to one of my friend's son.The boy was diagnosed of Leukemia(Blood disorder) last 2 months ago in one of the public hospital in Southern Leyte.Very sad because the boy was just 15 years old,loving and caring son to his parents.Eventually they went to Manila(PGH) for the Chemotheraphy session,but unfortunately his condition worsens and this young boy died on December 5,2008 at 12:35am.This young boy was not only loving and caring to his parents,but also to his brothers and family.To You Mac2,you may rest in peace!!We love you so much!!

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