Saturday, September 20, 2008

Where are you???

The Phone rang at 7pm..nobody answer..Gaitronics was used by Control to find the man they are looking for..Medic..Medic..line 1..nobody reply!!where this guy going??hmmmmmmm...Supervisor called one housekeeper to check the Medic at Filipino Room..the guy knocks the door and says..Is the Medic there?? the Medic replied in a soft voice..yeah..anything I can Help..the guy said..Control was looking for you..Oh..really!!what's the problem..theres a guy in the Boat who loss his consciousness..did I heard right??Immediately I go down with my equipment and report to the Control.I meet the Chief american guy and he tells me everything about his AB.When I went to the boat,I saw the patient in a wooden chair sitting..he was conscious,coherent and responsive.I went to check his vital signs.Everything was Normal.I called up the doctor of what advise he can give..he says..just give the guy some rest..that is only stress!!I talked his Chief Mate and discuss everything what the doctor has told to me.Suddenly one guy approached me..hey! Medic that guy did not sleep after his work last night..really!!So this is really Stress..after a discussion with the Chief Mate I went back to my Clinic with my Nurses Bag..I thought one guy has some heart was another night of excitement..tinotoxic yata ako ng mga ito..nanahimik nga ako..he he he..few hours later about 9:30pm a guy knocks on my room and ask for a consultation..what the hell!!I told the guy!!you are not an emergency case,please comeback tomorrow morning..i told the guy!!he said..No!!I need medicines now..I replied..sorethroat and sneezing you think you will die..go to your room and sleep..tomorrow come to my clinic..understood?the guy back off and go without an answer..he was just a contractor..akala siguro nila sa kanila ang clinic..ang lalaki ng katawan tapos nagkasakit..what the fuck!!

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Duncan said...

good job...
to hell with this fuc**ng people.
as soon as the clock hits @ 1800H,
only FUC**ng EMERGENCIES should be entertained.
the rule may be hard but that what it should be.
keep it up!