Saturday, July 18, 2009

Accidents comes without Warning!!

This is what happen to me last thursday.While my right foot was still on the ground,the driver,drove our company car immediately..immediately I was drag to the ground that results me to fall down and have this evidence..abrasions on my right arm at elbow area..what kind of driver we had..saudi driver??stupid..crazy or shall we say..idiot..although it does not cause me so much pain..deep inside I was angry to our saudi driver..he say sorry to me,but the damage is done!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Welcome party sa Tanajib..

"Ang tagal mong nawala,babalik ka rin,babalik ka rin"Nasaan ka man nakarating,sa city ng Al Khobar,sa Al Hasa, o kung saan ka dalhin ng iyong kapalaran,babalik ka rin..ang sarap ng pagkain,pawelcome sa akin ng mga kasama pagbalik ko sa Tanajib,although I don't eat much Byaryani(Indian food),which you see with yellow one color(spicy siya..di ko kaya)..I still like the food,somehow I will eat this Byaryani once I will use to the taste(spicy)..but ang kinain ko talaga ng marami ay ang ginataang manok..sobra talaga..ang busog2 ko..sana maulit pa ang ganitong pagsasama with my old friends in Tanajib..Thanks for you guys..I salute you!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm Back where I'm Belong!!

About 4 months ago,I was told to go Dhahran ITC Clinic,to have my duties there.I knew it was very hard for me because I am adjusting my life in the city and also I will be cooking my own food,preparing for my uniforms and among others.First,it was very hard for me to do the job,because I have a lot of patinet(malingering patient),but since I am use to have a lot of patients in Tanajib Clinic,gradulally I was able to adjust my life in the city.I enjoy my stay,but also I spent a lot of money to enjoy there in the city.I've been eating and roaming around in some restaurants,shops(malling)among others.Right now..I am in Tanajib,for 2 weeks..they said..I'll be back in Offshore!!I don't know but the most important..I knew I'm back where I Belong..

Clinic Shaybah..2 days of stay..

I was called by our Project Manager to relieve to one of the clinic in Clinic Shaybah.I was hesitant not to go there because,I never knew the place,but base on comments buzz on me with other people,they said that Shaybah was a very nice clinic,although it is remote and located near to UAE,the place was quite nice.I was only there for 2 days,but I enjoy my stay there,people were accomodating,nice,but the most thing I like there was what they called as "KAMPAY".I was very much happy with my 2 days stay there in Clinic Shaybah..Kudos to the people in Clinic Shaybah..Mabuhay Kayong lahat!!


I am so blessed to have my ACLS Card,but the responsibilities,they entrusted me was also so much..I could not imagine that after my four months stay at Dhahran ITC Clinic..I got my ACLS Card..But before this thing..I have my PHD as my weapon, for to get the ACLS Cerficiate..PHD stands for Perseverance,Hardwork and Determination.It was very tough for me to pass,because my educator was very strict and was very tough for me,but I did it well.The last thing I am hoping for was to learn my job seriously and to act among others confidently.