Friday, September 12, 2008

Yesterday and Today's activities in offshore..

I was tired from yesterday play..Table Tennis..we got a new here in my offshore clinic and it's my first time to play here.We played almost 2 hours and after that I got some bodypain and backaches..But the thing I like was, I feel I have burned a lot of calories in my body and I feel so relaxed even I got body pain and backaches.I took a bath and get some time to relax,watch news in TV, chat with my friend in Jeddah(classmate in college)..and about 10 pm last night,I sleep so I can have 7-8 hours sleep before I go to my duty early morning.This morning I still have some body pain and backaches and I think this will be relieved if I continue what I have done,playing table tennis every night..I just have my breakfast,scrumbled egg with sausage and coffee with milk..I am now in my clinic, doing the daily routine activities..but until now I could not format my external hardware,11 hours after I click format and start..formating did not push thru..anyone knows how to do it..sayang kasi 160 gega ang external hardware ko..hahay..buhay saudi..nakakaloka...talaga!!