Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hatton wins by TKO in 11th round..

Very quiet day!!I am just sitting around in my clinic when I remember that today,welterweight boxing champion Ricky Hatton is going to slug it out with Paul Malignaggi.I monitor the outcome of the result thru the internet,since I don't pay money for the pay per view(PPV).On the 1st round Malignaggi impress the spectators at Vegas.. but on the 2nd round round Ricky Hatton,deliver barrages of punches that almost kneeled down Paul Malignaggi.As the fight continues,Hatton dominated all those rounds until on the 11th round about 30 seconds left,Hatton deliver a TKO decision,when coach of Paul Malignaggi request to stop the fight as his ward was punished by barrages of punches from Ricky Hatton.This time Ricky Hatton wins in Las Vegas.The last time he fight in Las Vegas,he was knockdown by Floyd Mayweather.Ricky Hatton is eager to meet Oscar dela Hoya soon..we will wait if Oscar dela Hoya accept the challenge..

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