Monday, September 15, 2008

Bad day..September 13..2008

I was just sitting in my clinic,when a regular call was made by the Dispatcher,informing me that one guy was having some back pain radiating to his left leg.I have known for the guy because he was my patient last 1 week ago,2 times he came and reported that he was having those pain.I go up and bring along my equipments.He was stable when I check.I ask him if I could give him an injection for pain.he said..No!!I am on fasting..instead I initiate a 110 call(Emergency Call) while monitoring the patient.He told to me that the pain is bearable when he is sitting down,but when he attempts to walk,the pain become more.Since he refused the pain reliever,I just let him sit down and re-assured that the doctor and 2 nurses will come to take him for further pain management and evaluation.The doctor arrived and convince that injection be given..patient agrees without hesitation after the doctor explain.Both of them understand each other as they speak fluent Arabic..After this ,the patient was brought to other Clinic for observation by chopper..after that he was refered to his designated facilities at Al- Mouwasat Dammam.Then a report has been made out of this..and it's was audited with full of criticism.Documentation was not clear for Audits..No one is perfect!!I admit I commit errors or mistake,but also I did what is best for my patient's life...Anyway..Criticism was done not only to correct mistakes but also to remind you what is best and appropriate management you do,in case of this kind of patient..Cheers to everybody!!


Duncan said...

ewwww....i hope u learned something from this experience.

its good to know that u admit your own mistakes.

education is a continious learning doesnt stop. as long as we live... we learned something day by day.

presence of mind!...thats the most important thing... if your working in that kind of environment.

chill out bro!

ping said...

kakaloka talaga yun..pero It was a great experience..tuloy kinabahan ako pero ok pala ang Audit sa akin..what a life!!cheers!!