Monday, September 8, 2008

Life has to go on..without the internet access..

Last month I was assigned to go back from my original clinic at onshore,I was so happy and in fact I enjoy my stay there for a couple of weeks, sad to think that on that stay also my internet access was taken from me,so sad that I could not imagine that i could not open my friendster anymore,my yahoo mail and everything.After a week on that situation, I was sent back to my original clinic at offshore,still awaiting for my internet access..paano na si Catherine,paano na si Isadora,di ko na sila mapapanood,ang paborito kung prime time bida na Iisa Pa lamang..after a week,my supervisor check on my clinic to see if I have done my job well in offshore,after doing the check..he said..youre done a great job here,you have updated everything..ok this week your internet access will be back..ohhhhhhh!!really..thanks sir!!I really wanted it I got my internet access..I can enjoy now watching news in internet,reading newspaper,sending e-mails and uploading pictures for my friendster..

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Duncan said...

good for you....
kami d namin feel ang pagkawala ng hell with wireless kaya sa room...hahahaha..secret natin yan... cheers!

btw . . . good to see u blogging...thanks to me....hehehehe