Monday, September 22, 2008

Tongga Pre..minsan lang to!!

About 6pm last night I was called by my friend,asking me to try his new experiment.."Sadiki"..At first I was hesitant because it is still Ramadan,but also I am afraid that somebody will report that we are having a drinking session..Anyway to make the story short, I try a small mineral bottle for shock!!ang sarap pala tumagay kahit bawal kasi Ramadan at nasa Saudi tayo..Minutes,Hours and after this..I got drunk already and need to sleep,but sad to think I could not sleep while I am on my bed..An hour later,firealarm rangs loudly..I got up and check what happen was just a smoke as dining reported..later I comeback in my room about 12 midnight and got my sleep well..Kahit na inuubo,nakatulog pa rin dahil sa Vicks Vaporub..iba talaga ang gamot na may "Haplos ng Pagmamahal"..

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