Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Khobar Life..

I was just wandering why I made this post.I think I was just a little bit bored of my life..I don't know what will be my title of this post,or is the way i can express my disappointments in my life,career or whatever.Today I was in tha flat..i was alone and doing this blogs,without anyone with was just another lonely day for me.But you know guys,I don't want to spend my life without enjoying it..what I tv,go around and buy something,spend time with friends,chatting with make this day..complete..This is my life here in the city in Al-Khobar,so freaking busy in work ..for my work,but with less salary..O common..sounds crazy but that's the real the afternoon..malling,going to market,walk with friends..but to sum all of this things..I really really enjoy my life here in Al-Khobar..I was just like living in to go,free to enjoy my life and free also to enjoy what we I want for if they ask me to go back to other answer will be..I will invoke my rights to answer that question sir..ha ha ha ha..anyway..I really really enjoy my life here in Al-Khobar..see you guys in my next busy in Facebook..