Sunday, November 23, 2008

LA Lakers my Fav's NBA Team..

Eversince I was a kid,I dreamed of playing in the hardcourt,but sad to say that I was not good enough to shoot the ball very well or could not handle the ball very was a dreamed that could not push I could not even run as fast as I can.. since I already balloned my!!perhaps the Lord has another plan for me and perhaps I was not destined to become a superstar in basketball..ganon!!!!anyway from high school time until this time,I was one of those LA Lakers Fan,eitheir they lose or win in a game or in a championship..I am truly a LA Lakers Fan!!Last year LA Lakers did not get the Championship Trophy against the Boston Celtics,but I hope this year they can make it and add another milestone history of the team.LA Lakers go go for the Championship Tropy!!

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