Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weekends Activities..

Lately..I don't go anywhere for my weekends duty in some other clinics.Less work,Less stress,more fun and enjoyment with my friends.For the past 2 weeks,I am so bless to have this kind of people in my life.This past 2 weeks was spent walking,malling,eating,roaming around the city of Al-Khobar.I am so happy that this past 2 weeks was so enjoying,full of fun with friends,without thinking that it is humid,so hot that it can goes around 45 degrees at night.My special thanks to Angel,Duncan,sir Ramon,Lloyd..sir Teo,Toto and Efren and Alex..From Fridays,Applebees,Jollibee,Thai Restaurant,Ramaneyah,Jarir,Kudu,Corniche..etc..etc..I love it guys!!It was 2 weeks full of astounding moment (rampa)..God Bless Us Guys!!

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