Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Big Tan's Family..Father side..

Long time.. that I don't see anymore my Aunties and Uncles on my Father's side.Here comes the pictures that they were once together as family.Every family/clan dreams of having this kind of family,and in this picture,I am very proud that they are part of myself of what I am being now.I am truly very proud of you Angkong,(my grandfather),Amah,(my grandmother)..My father of course,Felixmino(Lolong),Uncle Leonie,Uncle Ikem and Uncle Toto..and my Aunties..Mama Inday,Auntie Bebe,Auntie Fely,Aunie Ira and Auntie Nenia,Tita Jean and Tita Grace..Without all of you..I am not here in this world.Thank You and God Bless all of Us.

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