Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'll be lonely when you leave me..

I was just sitting down one afternoon in my clinic,thinking my life,my future and my everything.I was just thinking the love of my life..I don't know what will happen this feelings but I know for sure that everything happen for a reason..Whatever and what will happen,I know that this person will not leave me for no reason..I love this person so much,more than my's like without this person..MY life would not be complete..Yesterday I cry not because I am going to lose this person,but because this person has inspired me a lot.This is the first that I am very much in never happens to me before,but this one was spectacular..It is an amazing feeling..whatever and what will happen..I would not cry again..for I know this persons has love me so much and value me a lots...You know who you are..If you gonna leave me in the future..I'll be lonely but I your heart..I was cannot take it away..I love you always!!

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