Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Disaster Drill in Offshore..

Every Year..Saudi Aramco conducts regular Disaster Drill at Offshore.It is my first time to attend this drill at offshore and I was quite a little bit curious,excited and at same time nervous..1000HH the 110 telephone rang..the Disaster Drill begins..I have to get my equipment ready,Nurses Bag,Robert Shaw,Life Pak 12,Entonox,Radio and others.By the time we arrive at Tanajib Aviation,we have to wait for our chopper..since we are using the Augusta which is a 4 seating capacity chopper and one straight chair(on flat) for one patient only.The Disaster Drill went thru accordingly and we finished around 1110HH.There was no bad comments for the medical side during their meeting.I hope to attend more Disaster Drill in onshore and Offshore in the coming years.I learned also to be confident on myself.

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