Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm Back where I'm Belong!!

About 4 months ago,I was told to go Dhahran ITC Clinic,to have my duties there.I knew it was very hard for me because I am adjusting my life in the city and also I will be cooking my own food,preparing for my uniforms and among others.First,it was very hard for me to do the job,because I have a lot of patinet(malingering patient),but since I am use to have a lot of patients in Tanajib Clinic,gradulally I was able to adjust my life in the city.I enjoy my stay,but also I spent a lot of money to enjoy there in the city.I've been eating and roaming around in some restaurants,shops(malling)among others.Right now..I am in Tanajib,for 2 weeks..they said..I'll be back in Offshore!!I don't know but the most important..I knew I'm back where I Belong..

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