Friday, March 6, 2009

Life in the City..

Life is so cool here in Al-Khobar..although it is very expensive..I can say that you live like a normal like to want to eat the food you can..except the pork which is not allowed in Muslim country..You can go to the park,roam around the city if you want..that is how life here in Al-Khobar.Compared to my life before in was like a jail..really guys!Now I was so happy with my life now in's like a new lease of life was given to me..I am so happy because my life has become normal.


Duncan said...

i'm really glad that you are enjoying there. wish to spend more time with u during my days off.

cheers bro!

Felfrey said...

walang problema basta may pera din ako..let us enjoy our what it is supposed to be..good day bro!!